America has had a love-hate relationship with eggs for years. I think eggs are great as long as you can tolerate them and you get high-quality eggs. I’m talking $9 a dozen eggs, where the chickens walked around in the sun, pecked at the ground and ate bugs. You know, chickeny things.

I know, people’s brains usually explode when they think of paying that much for eggs but let’s put it in perspective. The nutrient bang for the buck in eggs is high. When I look at eggs I see more than the white and the yolk. I see it’s full nutrient value. Eggs are high in protein, choline, selenium, biotin, B12, B2, iodine and other nutrients, most of which lie in the yolk. So even at $9 bucks a dozen that’s only $1.50 a serving. You can see the nutrient breakdown between whites and yolks here:

Egg nutrition facts

Yeah, yeah, I know, but eggs are high in cholesterol and cholesterol is bad. Well, not so fast. Cholesterol is finally no longer a nutrient of concern. What does that mean? Eating dietary cholesterol does not increase your blood cholesterol. People in the nutrition arena have known this for years so it’s nice to know that the mainstream is finally catching up.

If you are looking for an easy, portable, delicious source of vitamins and protein eat an egg. I love them poached, soft-boiled and scrambled. If you dig down into the nitty-gritty of nutrition, the verdict is not to scramble. Mixing air with the yolk adds oxidation and oxidized fats are not that great for you.

Here’s a video of how I make my soft-boiled eggs. This is from Periscope so you can hear me talking to the people that were watching me live.


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